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Once we have determined the probable cause for your pain and discomfort, there are many ways in which I can treat your condition.

Mobilization - Mō´bi-li-zā´shŭn  
making movable; restoring the power of motion in a joint

Manipulation - Mu´nipyū´ley-shŭn 
the action of touch with the hands;  small amplitude thrust movement performed at speed

Functional Exercise and Stretches - Fúngk-shŭn-ul ´eksurs´Iz
an activity that enhances performance, improves physiologic capacity, or prevents dysfunction

Postural Assessment and Advice - Pós-chu(r)-ul u´ses-munt
Maintenance and management  of biomechanical integrity amongst body parts.

Electrotherapy - Ē-lek´trō-thār-ă-pē  
Ultrasound, Interferential, Heat Therapy etc.

Soft Tissue Techniques – including massage - Mă-sahzh´
a collection of modalities that have the intention of improving health through the medium of human touch and the manipulation of soft tissues.

Relaxation Therapy - Rē-lak-sā´shŭn thār-ă-pē
loosening, lengthening, or lessening of tension in a muscle.  Methods to achieve a reduction of stress

Kinesio Taping - Ki-nē-sē-o tāp´ing
Internationally recognized taping technique used by elite athletes such as Lance Armstrong

Should you require support braces, tapes or even orthotics we have an extensive range for sale, if I don’t stock an item I can usually have it by the next working day or even later that same day


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